Otakudesu : What is Otakudesu? Everything You Need To Know about Otakudesu

Are you an Otaku? If so, you’re in the right place! In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the term ‘Otakudesu’, and discussing why it is used to describe anime and manga fans around the world. We’ll look at the history of the term, how it has evolved in popular culture, and its implications for fandom culture today.

So, if you’re ready, let’s dive into the fascinating world of Otakudesu!

What is Otakudesu?

Otakudesu is a term used to describe someone who is an enthusiast of Japanese culture, particularly anime and manga. It is often used to refer to someone who is highly knowledgeable about anime and manga, and may even be an avid collector of related merchandise. Otakudesu literally translates to “I am an otaku,” and is often used by members of the otaku community to proudly identify themselves as such.

Otakudesu can also be used to describe someone who is an avid fan of Japanese video games, music, and other aspects of popular culture.

History of Otakudesu

The term “otaku” has its origins in Japan during the 1980s, and it was initially used to refer to people with an obsessive interest in certain hobbies or topics, such as anime and manga. The term was initially used with a negative connotation and was associated with people who were socially awkward and overly invested in their interests.

In the 1990s, the term became popularized in the West, particularly in the United States, as a term used to describe fans of Japanese culture. In the United States, the term was embraced by anime and manga fans, who identified with the term and began to use it to refer to themselves.

In recent years, the term has become more widespread and has acquired a variety of meanings and connotations. For some, the term is still associated with people who are overly invested in their hobbies or interests, while others use the term to simply describe someone who is passionate about a certain topic.

The term “otaku” has also been used in a more positive light, as a way to describe someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about a certain subject. In this way, the term has been embraced by fans of various hobbies, such as video games, sports, and even fashion.

Today, the term “otaku” is widely used and is no longer associated with the negative connotations of its past. It is now seen as an expression of passion and enthusiasm for a certain topic and is embraced by fans around the world.

Otakudesu popular culture

Otaku culture, sometimes referred to as Otakudom, is a term used to describe a culture of passionate fans of anime and manga, as well as other associated media such as cosplay, video games, and collectible figures. The term is derived from the Japanese word “otaku”, which means “geek” or “nerd” and is a term of endearment among anime and manga fans.

Otaku culture has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in Japan, where it has become an integral part of Japanese popular culture. Otaku culture is characterized by a deep interest in and knowledge of anime, manga, and other associated media, as well as a dedication to collecting related items. It is often associated with the formation of fan clubs and other groups dedicated to discussing and sharing information about anime and manga.

Otaku culture often involves attending conventions that feature anime, manga, and other related media, as well as participating in cosplay and other activities related to the genre. Conventions usually feature dealers, exhibitors, panels and workshops, and a variety of other activities such as costume contests, gaming tournaments, and screenings of anime and manga.

In addition to attending conventions, otaku culture also involves creating works of their own, such as fan art and fan fiction, as well as participating in online forums and communities dedicated to anime and manga. It also involves attending events, such as the Comiket, which is a large event held in Tokyo twice a year and features some of the most popular anime, manga, and other related works.

Overall, otaku culture is a vibrant, diverse, and ever-evolving part of Japanese popular culture. It is a culture that is embraced by millions of fans around the world, and one that continues to grow in popularity with each passing year.

Implications of Otakudesu

Otakudesu is a Japanese term that is used to refer to someone who is obsessed or very knowledgeable about a particular subject or genre. It is often used to refer to people who are obsessed with anime, manga, and video games.

The implications of Otakudesu are far-reaching and can be both positive and negative. On the positive side, Otakudesu can be seen as a celebration of knowledge, passion, and dedication to a particular subject or genre. It can be seen as a way to show appreciation for the creativity and hard work that goes into creating these works of art. It also provides a way for people to come together and share their love of the same thing.

On the negative side, Otakudesu can be seen as a sign of social isolation. It can be seen as a way for people to become overly focused on one particular subject or genre to the point where they are disconnected from the world around them. This can lead to people feeling isolated and disconnected from the people and activities in their day-to-day lives. It can also lead to people being judged for their interests and hobbies and feeling like they are not accepted by society.

Otakudesu also has implications for mental health. People who are overly obsessed with a particular subject or genre can become preoccupied with it to the point where it interferes with their daily lives. This can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety, as well as difficulty with other aspects of life such as work, school, and relationships.

Fandom culture of Otakudesu

Otakudesu is a vibrant and passionate fandom culture that is centered on all things anime and manga related. It originated in Japan during the 1980s when fans of these types of media began to come together to share their love and appreciation for the mediums. The term ‘otaku’ is a Japanese term that roughly translates to “obsessive fan” or “geek” and is used to describe someone who is particularly passionate about anime, manga, and other related media.

Otakudesu is a culture that celebrates the creative works of anime and manga, as well as the people who create them. It is a culture that encourages creative expression and fosters a sense of community among fans. It is a culture that is not only focused on the media itself, but also on the people who create it, the people who enjoy it, and the people who are passionate about it.

The culture of Otakudesu revolves around cosplay, conventions, fan art, fan fiction, discussion boards, forums, and other online activities. Cosplay, or costume play, is a popular activity for fans of anime and manga. It involves dressing up as a character from a show or manga or creating a costume based off of the character. It is a great way for fans to show their appreciation for the characters and stories that they love. Conventions are another popular activity of Otakudesu culture. These conventions are held in various places throughout the world and give fans of anime and manga the chance to come together to discuss their favorite shows, purchase merchandise, and meet other fans.

Fan art and fan fiction are also key components of Otakudesu. Fan art is artwork created by fans that is inspired by characters and stories from anime and manga. Fan fiction is written works created by fans that are based off of characters and stories from anime and manga. Discussion boards and forums are also popular activities in Otakudesu culture. These are online spaces where fans can come together to talk about their favorite shows and characters, ask questions, and share their own artwork and stories.

OtakuDesu alternatives

As we know OtakuDesu is an online platform for fans of anime and manga. It provides a variety of resources for these fans, such as news, reviews, and discussions. It also hosts a range of forums and chat rooms where fans can talk about their favorite series, share their thoughts, and get the latest updates. 

However, if you’re looking for another source of anime and manga content, there are several alternatives to OtakuDesu.


AniChart is a website dedicated to anime and manga fans. It offers up-to-date information on new releases, as well as reviews, rankings, and recommendations. It also features a variety of discussion boards and chat rooms, so users can stay up-to-date on the latest news and share their opinions. 


MyAnimeList is another great resource for anime fans. It has an extensive database of anime and manga titles, each with reviews and ratings from other users. It also offers forums, blogs, and a comprehensive list of upcoming releases.


Anime-Planet is another great alternative to OtakuDesu. It offers news, reviews, and discussion boards, as well as a comprehensive list of streaming services with anime content. It also has a popular forum where users can connect with each other, discuss their favorite shows, and get the latest updates.


AnimeNewsNetwork is an excellent source of anime news, reviews, and discussion. It provides up-to-date information on upcoming releases, as well as an extensive database of anime titles. Additionally, users can join the forums to discuss their favorite series, recommend titles to each other, and stay informed about the latest news from the world of anime.

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