How To Choose The Right Speakers For Your Sound Equipment?

When it comes to having high-quality sound equipment, having the right speakers with good features is essential. For this reason, we tell you what typologies exist and what you should look for when making your decision.

Speaker types

The key to ensuring great listening is making sure your speakers have adequate power and a good frequency range. But of course, you cannot ignore the space where you are going to place them, so these are the most popular options in terms of typology.

Speakers on stand

Stand speakers are best suited for rooms with limited space. They are usually used in sound equipment connected to the television, of the home cinema style.

These speakers are the most comfortable since they take up little space and are distributed on supports hanging from the wall or on mobile bases that allow them to be moved around the room and offer surround sound.

Floor speakers

They are larger than the previous ones and are usually placed directly on the ground, given their dimensions. If you are a handyman you can hang them on the wall, or find a piece of furniture to support them.

However, this is not recommended, as they usually have an arrangement with a subwoofer at the bottom, a mid-range speaker in the middle, and a tweeter at the top. In this way, incredible sound quality and an adequate frequency distribution are achieved.

In short, they are the most uncomfortable, but also the most powerful and the ones that usually support the largest range of frequencies.

Towers and soundbars

It is an economical and very comfortable alternative. Like floor-standing speakers, sound towers have multiple pieces arranged vertically (or horizontally) for maximum quality. Although they have less power and range than these, they are much more comfortable.

Its vertical or horizontal configuration and its small size allow you to change places, being more comfortable (and sometimes aesthetic) than the previous ones. It is one of the best options to fully enjoy your smart TV.

Bookshelf speakers

Bookshelf speakers are a miniature version of floor-standing speakers. Their sound quality is so high that they are the most widely used in recording studios. In addition, their compact design allows you to place them in any piece of furniture without taking up much space.

Obviously, placing them in a high position can cause them to lose strength in the low frequencies. However, high-quality models will respond very similarly to ground models (and even better).

Technical elements

When you are going to install speakers for your home sound system, you must pay attention to their connectivity. Generally, it is one of the key elements when choosing your model and you must bear in mind that if your speaker does not connect via Bluetooth, you will need to cable it to the equipment.

The next items to consider are power and frequency range:

  • Regarding the power, most domestic equipment will be leftover with about 50W. At the same time, exceeding 100W is excessive for homes in general.
  • Regarding the frequency range, keep in mind that our hearing covers between 20 Hz and 20 kHz.
  • Most equipment reaches 20 kHz, but the low range usually starts between 60 and 80 Hz. Only the best quality equipment reaches 40 Hz. If you need to reinforce bass you can install a subwoofer.
  • With these tips, you will be closer to choosing the right speakers for your sound system. Visit our online home appliance store and find the best equipment to guarantee excellent hearings.

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