How To Get The Most Out Of Your Smart TV

Smart TV is a reality. The Smart TV function is coming to most of the new equipment, although users are still largely unaware of all the features that we can obtain from it.

In this article, we offer you a list of tips, tricks, and guidelines to enjoy this new television that is already present to the maximum level.

What is a Smart TV and what is it for?

It can be both a television with integrated Internet and a  receiver or decoder device for analog or digital television signals that are displayed on your television. There are those who own a Smart TV without knowing it and those who have not yet bought it thinking that the cost of a smart TV is out of their reach.

A smart TV allows you to download the app you want or plugins. In other words, it is the television of a lifetime turned into an advanced computer with which you can shop, play games, interact on social networks, make video calls and watch programs, series, movies, or music videos.

You can also enjoy paid Netflix or free YouTube programming, music or podcasts from Spotify, watch traditional television channels, and much more. And all with great image and sound quality.

Tips to enjoy your Smart TV

Follow these tips and you’ll say goodbye to the silly box forever!

  • Use your mobile or a virtual keyboard as if it were a remote control: no more losing the TV remote and having to get up from the sofa to change the program or increase the volume. You can download free and specific applications to control your smart TV with your mobile device. You can even send content saved on your mobile to the TV. As an example of a simple application, we can mention Google’s Android TV Remote Control for use with televisions based on Android TV.
  • Browse YouTube: regardless of whether your TV uses Tizen, Android TV, or webOS, you can access any YouTube video. The official app is available for almost all platforms.
  • Play the latest video games without needing a console: a smart TV can replace the traditional game console using specially dedicated streaming platforms, or by downloading the games you like the most from their app stores. If you have a television with Android TV you can download your applications from Google Play. Connect a Bluetooth gamepad, and play!


  • Install a sideloading application: Although Android TV is one of the most popular platforms and offers a huge number of applications and games, it is possible that your television does not have it. In that case, you can use the sideloading technique. Although it may not work as smoothly as expected, this technique will give you the possibility of installing the mobile or tablet version on your TV to enjoy your favorite apps.
  • Install programs from unknown sources: if you want to install a mobile application on the TV, you have to go to the settings menu and allow the installation of programs from unknown sources. You will find this function within the security options. With Sideload Launcher, for example, you can use applications that are not officially available for Android TV.
  • Record your favorite shows: If you miss recording shows that aren’t available over the Internet, you can record them to a USB stick. All Smart TVs have a USB port to play movies or programs stored on pen drives or hard drives.

Do not think about it anymore, if you are thinking of changing your television, choose a Smart TV right now! Get ready to enjoy a universe of content for all tastes.

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