IGTOK – All You Need To Know About IGTOK

Instagram is now the third-ranked social media platform, according to the Pew Research Center. Trailing only YouTube and Facebook, 40% of all social media users use this photo and video sharing site. It also skews younger than many social media sites, with more than 7 of every 10 users between the ages of 18 and 29.

A lot of buying power and influence follow that younger demographic. That’s why it’s important for those who engage in Instagram to develop as many followers as possible. They can reach younger audiences with potentially more money to spend on what’s new and hip. But growing Instagram followers isn’t for the timid. It takes time, energy, and frankly, money. Savvy businesspeople and influencers often resort to buying Instagram followers to artificially boost their numbers. One such platform is the Igtok, which helps you increase the popularity of social media, views, and popularity.

What is Igtok?

Igtok is one of the websites which is a tool that provides you to get free followers, likes, views, and much more for your Instagram & Tiktok so whosoever wanted to get fake followers for their account then you can use this tool to get fake followers, likes, views. This tool is like other Instagram followers tools where you will get to increase your followers, likes & views but here the add-on is that you can also increase the followers on Tiktok also.

It has greatly helped advertisers maintain their social media profiles and stand out from the market. A large number of people build their social media platforms but do not know how to make your profile stand out in the marketplace and how to gain popularity and gain more followers.

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Main features of Igtok

The general features of the IGTOK are:

  • No spammy ads on the webpage
  • Get free followers, likes & views
  • Easy to navigate through the webpage

Services offered by Igtok

The services which were proffered by IGTOK were:

  • Get free followers
  • Get free likes
  • Get free Views
  • Get free comments
  • Get free story views
  • Get free profile views
  • Get IGTV views
  • Get IGTV likes

Various Igtok Packages

Every business web portal has its own social media profile. Having a business profile is not all about it but keeping that profile to catch the eye of your customers. So all a user needs to have is a huge number of followers, likes. On this webpage, users will discover the top paid programs with the help of which users can bring millions of views and followers to Instagram.

Paid programs :

  • For $ 5 you will get 500 certified fans.
  • For $ 10 you will get 1k Instagram followers.
  • For $ 36 you will get 5k Instagram followers.
  • For $ 64 you will get 10k Instagram followers.
  • For $ 7 you will get 50k Instagram views.
  • For $ 12 you will get 100k Instagram views
  • For $ 30 you will get one million Instagram views.
  • For $ 500 you will get 100k Igtok points.

To earn IGTOK POINTS, the user needs to watch a live stream. Users can also earn a few points each day by uploading pictures/videos or liking them.

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Web-based service

Into is a web-based service that helps you get exposure to Instagram. The main goal is to create your own account automatically and not to use fake bots or profiles. It’s easy to sign up and choose the packages you like. Everything is free, and you can pay with a pay sooner, bitcoin, or a western union. You do not need a password to use the forum. It has helped many advertisers create their Instagram profiles and participate in the market. While it may be tempting to purchase fake bots and profiles, it is best to avoid such websites.

If not, Igtok will annoy your fans by creating a fake profile for you. But it will upset your fans. You will never gain anything from them. And maybe they use bots.

What are Igtok points?

The Igtok points are one of the ways that measure its users. The higher a user’s points are the better his rank will be on the “leader boards”. This means that if a user has high points it is easier for people to find his videos or pictures when they search for them on their own. Also, users can earn more Igtok points by watching live streams or by uploading funny pictures/videos.

How to buy Instagram followers?

Users can easily buy Instagram followers on IGTOK! To do this, go to your “home” and tap the “+” in order to create a new post or video as usual. When a user is creating your post, under the normal featured section, the user will come across an option named “get more views”. This option explains how much it costs for getting 1 million direct views from real users. For instance, if a user wishes to get 5k Instagram views, he will have to pay $12. Every time someone watches his live stream or video, he will earn some Igtok Points, and if people like his post/stream he will earn even more.

How to use Igtok?

IGTOK allows users to watch funny videos posted on the channel or stream. For now, most users are uploading short clips of themselves doing pranks on one another but this might change in the future. Users can also create their own profiles, upload videos or pictures to their stream, and get followers. If a user is watching a video on someone’s stream he will see an “I G T O K”, which allows others to search for that video. This is very similar to when you like or dislike something on YouTube. It also permits users to post live streams directly from their phones.

The main purpose of Igtok

The general idea behind Igtok is to permit users to upload videos, pictures, or live streams and give the user the ability to watch other people’s lives and interact with them even more than on Facebook or Instagram. Different from YouTube, Igtok has an element of competition. If a user posts a picture/video on the stream it is likely that someone will search for it in order to see what others are posting about. Also, the higher the number of likes and views a user gets on their posts, the higher up the user will go in searches. It also rewards users by giving them points when people participate in their live stream.

Steps to get free followers, likes & views from Igtok

To get free followers, likes & views from Igtok follow these easy, simple steps below:

  1. Visit the official website of Igtok, i.e. https://www.igtok.com/
  2. Then select the services which you want from the 12 given services.
  3. After you select the service you will get this type of interface where you have to put the Instagram or TikTok id which you want to increase followers, likes & views.
  4. Then click on the submit button and you are done. The process will be completed in under 30 minutes.


Igtok is a social media platform that is similar to YouTube. People can post videos, pictures, and live streams on IGTOK. One of the key differences between Igtok and other social media platforms is that each video or picture has to be tagged with “I G T O K” at the beginning of the title. Currently, people are mainly using Igtok as an app for watching funny videos.

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