Types Of Electric Scooters And How To Use Them Correctly

Currently, this new vehicle has become fashionable due to its comfort when moving anywhere. However, before purchasing one, you must take into account the types of electric scooters that there are, since each one of them has particular characteristics and, depending on the one that is purchased, we will have to use it in one way or another, to do not commit infractions or endanger passers-by.

What types of electric scooters are there?

Electric scooters can be classified in many ways, always according to the characteristics, they present.  In any case, here we are going to show you a very detailed classification of all the types that can be found on the market today. The most common aspects that are taken into account to divide the different types of scooters are the number of wheels if it has a seat, the body, or the weight, among others.

light electric scooters

In this sense, we can talk about children’s scooters, which are considered a toy and are around 120 W. Aimed at the smallest and suitable for the weight and performance they need.

The basic range scooters are those that weigh about 8 kilos, with solid 5.5-inch wheels. They are the lightest and cheapest on the market. Recommended for short journeys, their autonomy is between 6 and 10 kilometers.

Those in the mid-range are equipped with 250W motors, have larger wheels, and may include front and rear suspension. They can reach up to 25 km/h with a range of around 22 kilometers. Also,  within this range, there are somewhat more advanced scooters, with engines of about 400 W. In this case, the autonomy can be up to 28 kilometers and they can reach a speed of 35 km/h.

As for the high range, it is the scooters with motors of 500 W and up and the premium range that have larger electric motors and higher batteries.

electric scooters

They are vehicles with wide and small wheels, equipped with a saddle, and heavier and more resistant. Ideal for driving through towns or cities.


They are 2-wheel electric scooters, and they are usually used by children.

electric unicycles

They are one-wheeled, have good autonomy, and are capable of reaching high speeds.

electric skateboards

They simulate the classic skateboard, but they have an electric motor that allows the driver not to have to generate the movement himself. They are controlled by a remote.

electric longboards

They imitate the longboards of a lifetime and can have one or two electric motors. They are usually used to circulate at high speeds, hence their engines have more power.

How to use an electric scooter?

Among all the aspects that must be taken into account to be able to use an electric scooter properly, one of the recommended things is to wear a helmet, although it is not mandatory.

The use of headphones and mobile phones should also be avoided so that there are no distractions while driving.

Similarly, the sidewalk should be left free, since it is aimed at pedestrians. The ideal is to go with the scooter through the duly enabled and signposted places, being the most common to use the bike lane and never exceeding 30 km/h , although it is important that the speed is adapted to the road on which it is circulating. , to avoid mishaps.

Likewise,  it is advisable to go along a known route, so as not to run into obstacles that make driving difficult and park the scooter responsibly in order not to hinder the traffic of people or other vehicles.

In this post, we tell you more details about the obligations when riding with an electric scooter.

What scooter to buy? Tips for choosing one

To be clear about which scooter to buy, you must take into account aspects such as the motor, the most common and cheapest is the one that uses brushes. Also, the watts that the battery has, as well as the autonomy, always calculating what the scooter is going to be used for and the distances.

On the other hand,  the wheels, being the most normal for those that have 6.5, as well as the maximum weight that they support, differentiate between exclusive scooters for children and those that can be used by adults.

Other aspects that you need to take into account to know the differences between electric scooters available on the market are the seat and the space they occupy when storing them. Based on all these parameters, you can choose the ideal scooter for each user and, in this way, invest in a modern and comfortable vehicle that allows us to move around the city easily, with numerous features and original designs according to the taste of each one. Get around in style with any type of electric scooter!

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