Coffee Machines: Types And How To Get Them Right

The types of coffee machines have evolved a lot. Each person likes to enjoy this drink in a unique way and, for a few years now, homes have been able to enjoy extraordinary coffees thanks to espresso machines and capsule machines. If you want to know how to choose your coffee machine or which one best suits your habits, don’t miss the following article.

Kinds of coffee machines

There are many types of coffee machines that work in different ways. Next, we present the most common.

French or plunger coffee maker

It is one of the simplest, cheapest, and most valued. It offers you a coffee with great body and flavor, although its biggest drawback is that the preparation is somewhat complicated: you must heat water, pour it over the cylinder where you will have placed the ground coffee, cover it (without lowering the plunger) and let it infuse between 4 and 5 minutes. Subsequently, lower the plunger and you can taste your coffee.

You can get it for between 10 and 20 euros.

Italian coffee maker

It is one of the most popular in Mediterranean countries and can make a good espresso. The shape of their bodies is usually an octagonal pyramid. The water is placed in the lower part, a kind of funnel where the previously ground coffee is placed and closed. When heated, the water vapor rises through its interior, dragging the coffee infusion.

There are different sizes of coffee machines and their success lies in their simplicity, flavor, and price, which can be around 20 euros.

American or drip coffee maker

It is not one of the most common coffee machines in Spain, but its operation is very simple. The water is placed in the tank, the coffee in the filter, and heated. As this filter is very dense, the water passes drop by drop and is deposited in the jug located on the metal plate that keeps the coffee hot.

These coffee machines are not characterized by offering a coffee with a lot of intensity or body, but they can be programmed so that they prepare the coffee while you shower or leave it prepared at night to wake up with the smell of coffee.

You can buy it for between 20 and 60 euros, depending on the programming options.

espresso machine

These coffee machines are usually common in cafes and bars and have been very successful in recent years for home use. To use it, you must heat the water so that it reaches a pressure of between 12 and 15 bars and passes through the filter where the coffee is. Thus, the coffee is quickly extracted, resulting in a creamy, intense, short, and full-bodied drink. Its price ranges between 70 and 150 euros.

Do not forget to keep your coffee maker in good condition and learn how to clean your appliances with household products.

Single-dose or capsule espresso coffee maker

These coffee machines are becoming commonplace in Spanish homes and they are very easy to use, since you only have to insert the capsule, press the button and, in a few seconds, you have your coffee ready to taste.

The biggest drawback of this type of appliance is that the cost of each coffee is expensive compared to traditional coffee machines. But it has the advantage of achieving enough pressure to brew the coffee inside the capsule, which makes maintenance and the space they occupy minimally.

You can buy these coffee machines for between 50 and 250 euros, depending on their characteristics.

A practical guide to choosing your coffee maker

How to choose your coffee machine? Next, you have a series of elements that you should consider to be successful with your purchase.

coffee maker capacity

In addition to the space you have available, you should also think about whether you live alone or if your house tends to be very busy. What do you want the coffee pot for? How do you like to drink coffee?

If you are one of those who like a good espresso,  you can opt for capsule coffee machines, an Italian, or an espresso machine. On the other hand, if there are many of you and you need to prepare a lot of coffee in a short time, your options will be a drip coffee maker or an Italian 12-cup coffee maker.

In this case, your choice will depend on the amount you drink and whether you do it alone or with a partner.

Characteristics that matter most when choosing a coffee maker

What you have to take into account is that you can choose the intensity of the coffee, that it has a security element such as auto-off, that you can prepare coffee at any time, and that you can program when to do it.

You should also choose one that has the water level indicator on the outside of the device, that its filter can be reused permanently, and whose design is very comfortable to pour water into the tank, remove the capsules or clean the drip tray. .

In short, there are many types of coffee machines and, to make the best decision, you have to know your needs. Tell us, which one is your favorite?

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