How To Choose A Drone? Pay Attention To These Tips

When choosing a drone, these tips will prevent you from making frequent mistakes, such as buying a device with a bad camera or being unable to fly outdoors.

1. Drone Classes

Although the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “drone” is a flying device, the truth is that there are also terrestrial and aquatic models. Take a look at the different options, as each one has its specific purposes

2. Uses and applicable legislation

The use you give to your drone will determine the legislation to which it will be subject. Thus, aircraft used for recreational purposes are considered model aircraft. However, when you are going to use your drone for professional purposes, it will be subject to the regulation of remote-controlled aircraft.

In both cases, the drone will be subject to the regulations of the  State Aviation Safety Agency. In addition, there may be regional or municipal regulatory particularities. For this reason, it may be useful to register with a model airplane association or club that can advise you on the use of your device. You may need a pilot’s license, but it’s easy to get.

3. Technical characteristics

These gadgets can be equipped with endless accessories. Check the technical sheets of the models that interest you, as they will determine the uses that you can give them. For example, we recommend that the drone has good stabilization systems if it is going to fly outdoors. If you need to automate them, look for real-time management systems or even GPS modules.

In the event that you opt for a model with a camera, it will be essential that you inspect its benefits. Some are limited to taking photos, while others can record videos as well. There are integrated cameras that can record images in 4K quality, while others will be a mere advertising claim.

4. Budget and distributor

The most common is to start in this world with a modest budget. However, sometimes it is not worth buying a cheap drone. Compare market prices and take them into account when choosing your store. The popularity of these products makes fraudulent offers proliferate, so you should be suspicious of offers that are too flashy.

5. Flight Space

An indoor drone will find it very difficult to fly outdoors. So you will have to decide if you want to invest a little more in a model that can fight the wind or if you are better off with a cheaper one if you are only going to fly indoors.

6. Autonomy

This is one of the fundamental elements. Most of the current models do not hold the flight for more than 15 minutes. But you will also have to consider the connection system, because even if your drone has a lot of autonomy, its movement capacity could be limited if it uses radiofrequency instead of WiFi.

7. Control

Of course, another factor you should consider is the control system. Thus, many devices can be controlled from your smartphone, which is very convenient and allows absolute control over their features. However, it could be interesting to opt for radio control, which will offer a more stable connection.

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