What Surveillance Camera To Buy? – Security Cameras

Do you want to install security cameras in your home? There is much more to think about before opting for one or another model. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure installing security cameras is easy and meets your needs.

Let’s see the most important aspects that you must take into account to make the best decision for your home. Whether you are looking for outdoor security cameras, or wifi security cameras, we have the perfect camera for you.

How far away does a security camera record?

Mostly, a security camera system has a viewing range of 0 to 15 meters. They can record at longer distances, but not in as much detail. There are cameras that can go a bit further, but you usually can’t see both near and far at the same time. Therefore, if you want to observe things up close and far away, you will need two cameras.

How to choose the surveillance camera model that best suits your needs?

When choosing the best security camera for your home, think about the features you need and take a look at our cameras section, where you will find several models of security cameras.

  • Do you want a high-resolution video?
  • Do you prefer a battery-powered camera or one that has a power supply?
  • Do you need a camera surveillance service?
  • Do you want to install the camera yourself or do you prefer to have it done by a professional?

These questions will help you narrow down your options and find the best cameras for your home. Here is a brief list of features to think about when buying a home security camera system:

  • resolution quality
  • weather resistant
  • with power supply
  • Monitoring or not monitoring
  • Wired or wireless cameras
  • Self-installation

What are security cameras for?

Outdoor security cameras allow you to monitor your property at any time and from virtually anywhere. Installing security cameras in your home is a wise decision for a variety of reasons, including the following :

  • They serve to deter thieves
  • Provide evidence to the police
  • To take care of the family and your pets
  • They offer you insurance benefits

types of security cameras

There are many types of security camera systems. Therefore, to make the right choice, you need to know what each of them consists of.

interior cameras

They are usually smaller, lighter, and less invasive than larger outdoor cameras. They use infrared technology.

hidden cameras

They are ideal for keeping discreet control of customers or employees. They allow you to detect incidents of theft without anyone noticing.

wireless cameras

In these types of cameras, the video signal is sent over the Internet to a receiver connected to your viewing and recording device.

Motion or zoom cameras

They are security cameras that can be moved remotely, or where appropriate, zoomed in. This to have a better view of what is happening around.

IP cameras

It is a type of digital security camera that receives and transmits the video over an IP network. Surveillance is a popular application for them. They do not require a local recording device, since they depend on a local network.

exterior cameras

They are often made of stronger materials, such as metal, and can be heavier or even encased in a casing to prevent easy removal.

night vision cameras

They combine the ability of day and night vision. They can monitor environments in low light or completely dark, all without compromising image quality.

vandal resistant cameras

They are designed to be strong and durable. They will continue to function even if subjected to harsh treatment. They withstand direct hits to their frame and lenses without breaking or interfering with recording.

all-in-one cameras

They receive this name because they include all the accessories to easily mount a security camera system. They are generally Wi-Fi security cameras with monitor and motion detection.

How to install a security camera

For the proper installation of security cameras, the first thing to consider is where you want to place the camera. Once this is done, follow the following recommendations:

  • Mount the camera temporarily with tape and check the image.
  • If everything works correctly, proceed with its installation.
  • After installing it, watch the live broadcast with your mobile or computer.
  • Customize motion sensitivity and brightness.
  • Confirm that everything works correctly.

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